Hunting Regulations


* Please note that the following information was gathered from the Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary booklet *



Firearms include: air or pellet guns, bows and crossbows. You may use semi-automatic or self-loading firearms for hunting in Ontario, but you CANNOT use revolvers, pistols, or fully automatic firearms.

A firearm is considered to be loaded if it has a cartridge in the chamber or in the magazine that is attached to the firearm.


Other Facts:

-You may only hunt half an hour before sunrise until half an hour after sunset, unless other wise provided. Check local sunrise-sunset times.

-If you are in an area where wildlife may be found during a half hour after sunset to half hour before sunrise, you must unload and encase shotguns, rifles, or other firearms in your possession.

-Firearms must be enclosed in a manner whereby they are not readily available.

-Hunting carelessly is an offence: Hunters who discharge firearms without due care and attention, or consideration for persons and property, are liable of a fine up to $ 25,000 and, or imprisonment.

-ANY hunting injury, caused by the discharge of a firearm and results in treatment by a physician, MUST be reported to a Conservation Officer.

-HUNTER ORANGE must cover a minimum of 400 square inches (2,580 square centimeters) above the waist and be visible form all sides. A hunting coat or vest generally meets this requirement. Hunter Orange head cover is also required.


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